Take Two – Louis Moinet 2nd Generation Tempograph Chrome

History often repeats itself, and while that may not always be desirable, when it comes to horological masterpieces like the Louis Moinet Tempograph Chrome, we can certainly be glad that it did! The Tempograph Chrome from independent watchmaking atelier Louis…

Destinies Entwined – The Louis Moinet Spacewalker

The mysteries of space have fascinated people for centuries and dreams of being an astronaut have crossed every child’s mind at least once! The idea of floating in a sea of stars, looking down on the whole world seems like…

Chronograph – The sports touch

Measuring time and time intervals is one of the primary functions of time telling instruments. Complications take watches beyond their regular time telling functions. Measuring time intervals is something that is extremely important in many activities, especially in the arena…

Louis Moinet Space Mystery – the key to cosmic secrets!

With the Louis Moinet Space Mystery, the Independent watchmaker stuns the watch world once again with an impressively detailed and exceptionally beautiful watch. If there’s one way to describe the uniqueness of Louis Moinet watches, it would be the use…

Watch picks from Baselworld 2017 – definite wrist-candy!

The biggest watch fair is finally over. HOT returns with some spectacular watch picks from Baselworld 2017 …all curated just for our readers! An overwhelming number of brands and watches…trends that will dictate the future…mind-blowing watches that represent pinnacles of…

Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO Louis Moinet introducing Space Mystery

Louis Moinet CEO & Creative Director Jean-Marie Schaller in conversation with Hands on Time Editor, Karishma Karer – Introducing ‘Space Mystery’ at BaselWorld 2017.

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HOT Vol XII Issue 1
Volume XII Issue 1