Summer Blues – Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono

EPIC. The name itself conjures images of something great or exceptional. If you add Jacob & Co to the mix, it’s hardly a wonder that the Epic X Chrono Summer Edition causes a dropped jaw or two. First introduced for…

Galactic Grandeur – Jacob & Co., Astronomia Tourbillon

Some watches are beautiful to look at, some exhibit a technical sophistication that would leave a nuclear physicist flabbergasted and there are some, like the Astronomia Tourbillon from Jacob & Co., that words simply cannot define. Jacob & Co. Astronomia…

Journey Through Space – Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Maestro

The Astronomia Maestro, unveiled at Baselworld 2018 is the newest addition to Jacob & Co’s out-of-the-world (pun intended!) Astronomia collection. Galaxy of Gold and Glass The Astronomia Maestro is definitely not a watch to be taken lightly. With a 50mm…

Best complications for 2017

Complications add to multi-functionality of a watch. Top luxury brands pride themselves on having unique complications that enhance the concept of luxury watches. A watch has to tell time. But a luxury watch needs to do more. And that’s where…

The Opera Musical Watch- let the show begin

The Opera Musical Watch by Jacob & Co. combines traditional Swiss crafts in an astounding timepiece. Grand complications dance to the watchmaker’s tune. The Opera Musical Watch is a marvel that expresses the best traditional crafts of Switzerland. One of…

The one-of-its-kind publication, ‘Hands on Time’ (HOT) is positioned as a quarterly lifestyle magazine dedicated to the pre-occupations of the rich and the famous; the bold and the beautiful; the high and the mighty. It will indulge its readers and expose them to true celebrity style!

HOT December 2017 Cover
Volume X Issue 4
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