A Watchmaker’s Tale – Stephen Forsey talks about innovation, invention and the art of mechanical timekeeping

From St. Albans in England to the mountains of the Swiss Jura, Stephen Forsey, watchmaker and co-founder of independent watch brand Greubel Forsey has always been driven by a passion for mechanics and complicated watchmaking. The former head of the…

Tracking Time – GMT Watches For More Than Just The Frequent Flier

GMT or Greenwich Mean Time is the average solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, in the UK and is used to calculate the time zones around the world. Necessity is the mother of invention, and with the advent…

GMT Earth – a three-dimensional re-imagining of Greubel Forsey’s iconic masterpiece

A brand known for their extremely complex watches, Greubel Forsey has entered uncharted waters, and surmounted a mammoth architectural obstacle with the design of the new GMT Earth. The watch, while identical to its predecessor, the GMT in terms of…

Haute Horlogerie’s annual debut…The highs and heights of SIHH 2018
Haute Horlogerie’s busiest week… SIHH 2018 was bigger, bolder and more connected than ever before. HOT brings you a behind the scenes look at the highlights of SIHH 2018, what to look out for in the year ahead and a…
Minute repeater complication: Striking the right chord at the right time

If you have ever tried to tell the time by sound rather than sight, you will appreciate the minute repeater complication. HOT highlights a few exceptional ones. The minute repeater complication is the masterpiece of precision engineering. Every year, watch…

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