Speeding to perfection: Bugatti Chiron sets world record

Bugatti Chiron achieves the fastest time ever reached and officially measured for a driving manoeuvre for a production vehicle throughout the world. A world record is no mean thing! The Bugatti Chiron has one more feather in the cap. The…

The Chiron – Living up to the super sports car dream!

One year after the world premiere of the Chiron, Bugatti draws a positive balance at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show… HOT tracks the performance… It has been only a year since the introduction of the model. But, Chiron is…

8 things you must know about the Bugatti Chiron Collection

As an official licensee to Ettore Bugatti, Montegrappa recently presented a new limited edition of Bugatti writing instruments. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bugatti Chiron Collection. The collection, like the new Bugatti super sports car it represents,…

6 things you need to know about Bugatti Chiron

French luxury car brand Bugatti launched its new sports car Bugatti Chiron at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016. Be it design, speed, efficiency or luxury, the Chiron is unmistakably a Bugatti. The car features an exceptionally high torque value…

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HOT Vol XII Issue 1
Volume XII Issue 1