Lunar Eclipse – The Rising Tide of the Moon Phase Complication

Tonight, July 27th marks a total eclipse of the moon, and the longest lunar eclipse of the century. Seen in several countries across the world, this eclipse will witness the sun cast its shadow across the moon, giving it a…

Tracking Time – GMT Watches For More Than Just The Frequent Flier

GMT or Greenwich Mean Time is the average solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, in the UK and is used to calculate the time zones around the world. Necessity is the mother of invention, and with the advent…

Around the World – Blancpain’s Villeret Quantième Complet GMT

The Villeret Quantième Complet GMT, set to make its debut at Baselworld 2018 gives a modern technological upgrade to an horological stalwart. Blancpain’s Complete Calendar complications have been a characteristic of the brand since the 1980’s, establishing the arrangement as…

Cool for the summer – A round-up of the diving watches making a splash!

Marked by a water-resistance of at least 100m (330 feet), diving watches have been a pillar of the horological directory since the beginning of the 20th century, when watchmakers tried to cater to the needs of diverse groups including explorers,…

The one-of-its-kind publication, ‘Hands on Time’ (HOT) is positioned as a quarterly lifestyle magazine dedicated to the pre-occupations of the rich and the famous; the bold and the beautiful; the high and the mighty. It will indulge its readers and expose them to true celebrity style!

HOT Vol XII Issue 1
Volume XII Issue 1