Basel museums – A window into the world of art and culture

The city of Basel has more than 40 museums…a true indicator of its relevance as a culture hub! HOT introduces you to some Basel museums you must not miss… If you have been to the city of Basel you would…

Restaurants in Basel – a city for gourmets

Basel offers a melange of culinary experiences. Restaurants in Basel provide the most diverse and authentic dining experiences. Here are some HOT recommendations. Restaurants in Basel Blindekuh – a place to be seen Have you ever closed your eyes and…

Exploring a thriving nightlife…through exceptional Bars in Basel

Basel may be renowned for art and culture, but it is no less popular for revelry that continues into the night. HOT explores some popular Bars in Basel. Basel has a very chilled out vibe. The excitement of the day…

The Three Kings – Rich in history, young at heart…a gem in Basel

The Three Kings…also known as The Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois lies at the very heart of the city of Basel, crystalizing its essence in its very core. If you are stopping by Basel, you must stay at one of…

Exploring Basel city – more than a watch lovers haven

If you thought that Basel city was just a venue for the biggest watch fair…think again. Go beyond watches and discover what else you can do there. Basel City – Switzerland If you’re a watch lover, you may have heard…

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