A Bar Called Life : Innovative cocktails – Modern Indian cuisine

A Bar Called Life … just opened last month at Juhu … Mumbai’s bustling suburb … mimics the energy of the metropolis with great ambience, food and drinks! A Bar Called Life…the sprawling space exudes a young and vibrant vibe.…

Exploring a thriving nightlife…through exceptional Bars in Basel

Basel may be renowned for art and culture, but it is no less popular for revelry that continues into the night. HOT explores some popular Bars in Basel. Basel has a very chilled out vibe. The excitement of the day…

Devil’s Place | Whisky lover’s paradise!

Devil’s Place Devil’s Place – that’s the name of whisky lover’s paradise. Hotel Waldhaus am See’s exclusive whisky bar is where every whisky lover should check in at least once in a lifetime. The hotel is located in the alpine…

Molecular Gastronomy

“Experimenting with food” is a common phrase that we all hear often. But, take it in the strict sense of the term, and you have nailed a trend that is very much in vogue! Molecular gastronomy is a sub-discipline of…

Sophisticated style

The award-winning Capella Bar & Cigar Lounge in Germany boasts of an exclusive and exquisite Cigar club featuring a wide range of smokes and extravagant decor. The modern-day Hollywood classic, the Titanic featured a memorable scene when Kate Winslet’s Rose…

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HOT Vol XII Issue 1
Volume XII Issue 1