Hands On Time

About HOT (Hands On Time)

Your window to the world of Luxury!

The Watch Market Review Group, one of India’s (and probably Asia’s) oldest publication houses, launched an elitist lifestyle magazine called HOT – ‘Hands on Time’ in India. HOT encapsulates and present the ‘colossal well-ordered luxury’ of Switzerland, the ‘artistic pre-occupations’ of Paris, the ‘fashion-consciousness’ of Milan, the ‘traditional conservativeness and historical legacy’ of London and the ‘all American dream of superiority and dominance’ of New York amongst others as well as the glorious cultural heritage of India.

The one-of-its-kind publication, ‘Hands on Time’ (HOT) is positioned as a quarterly lifestyle magazine dedicated to the pre-occupations of the rich and the famous; the bold and the beautiful; the high and the mighty. It will indulge its readers and expose them to true celebrity style! It empowers them to express themselves in terms of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It makes their ordinary life extraordinary; while transforming their mundane existence into an exciting and zestful roller-coaster ride. It presents a bird’s eye view of upbeat style and modern social trends. Truly, every issue is personal, passionate and sheer pleasure.

HOT features ‘objects of sinful desire’ including luxurious watches, jewellery and accessories that are meticulously crafted and conceived to enthrall the senses while instilling a sense of envy

HOT focuses on the temples of retail extravagance – globally renowned exclusive boutiques and exquisite salons that exude a sense of royalty and lavishness HOT brings celebrities and their choices up-close and personal

HOT reveals the secrets of paradise-like resorts that restore your soul, rejuvenate your mind and make your body rejoice

HOT helps you glide into luxurious four-wheeled machines that will transport your sublime existence into heavenly abodes

HOT lays the global trends bare while you dare to imbibe and internalize them to metamorphose your persona

HOT helps you to be a part of social gatherings, dos and bashes where lucky ones rub their shoulders with the hip and the happening, the cool and the confident, the savvy and the sexy!

HOT features the fashion in vogue so that it becomes one with fun and frolic

All in all… HOT basically cover everything that spells the word, LUXURY!

HOT Team

Sunil V. Karer

Karishma Karer

Feature Writers
Dhanishta Shah
Tania Sehgal
Andrea Milwood
Yash Saxena

Editorial Assistant
Priya Chaphekar

Dayananad Chauvan

Mary Godinho