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404 Carats de Grisogono

de GRISOGONO has brought in today a truly unique finding: one of the 30 largest top quality rough diamonds ever found, weighing 404 carats and characterized by an exceptional quality and clarity.

The exceptional size and clarity of this stone will allow de GRISOGONO a unique opportunity in its cutting and polishing process. Working side by side with the best cutters, Fawaz Gruosi will now decide how best to cut this stone to give life to one of the most beautiful jewelry pieces ever created. Contrary to the traditional process, where jewelers are restricted to the polished stones that already exist in the market, with this partnership, de GRISOGONO will have the opportunity to bring a jeweler’s perspective into the cutting process, maximizing the beauty of the final jewelry pieces.

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HOT Vol XII Issue 1
Volume XII Issue 1